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Faith Travel Association is the premier business building resource connecting faith-based travel professionals, destinations and organizations around the world. We are passionate about helping our members to grow their faith-based travel business.


We invite you to join a growing group of travel professionals and faith leaders like yourself that have become members of FTA. These savvy companies and visionary faith leaders are looking for ways to grow their business and their travel programs, and what better way to do that than to tap into one of the fastest growing markets in the travel industry through the association that knows it better than anyone.



FTA Membership at a Glance:

  • FTA members move 2.5 million travelers a year.
  • FTA Members enjoy total annual sales averaging more than $20 million
  • 86% of our members are interested in pilgrimages, while 60% are interested in planning leisure trips greater than one week in duration, and 40% are interested in mission/service-based trips
  • 87% of FTA members plan trips for Catholic and Protestant Groups, while 59% plan trips for Jewish Groups, 29% plan trips for Muslim Groups and 21% plan trips for Buddhist groups.



FTA members enjoy these benefits:

• A detailed profile in FTA’s searchable online membership directory

• Targeted exposure in a printed Trip Planner/Annual Membership Directory that is distributed to 10,000 travel professionals and faith leaders each year

• Access to educational workshops, tools and resources

• Discounts on exclusive marketing, advertising and events

• Credibility with end-users who look to the “FTA” brand as an indicator of an organization they can trust

• Face-to-face opportunities to network with travel planners, DMOs, tour operators, travel agents and faith leaders from around the world

• Additional opportunities to connect with FTA members online to help you develop and grow your business

• Subscriptions to FTA’s newsletters and Courier magazine, and much more



As a member, you can begin networking with the decision-makers at industry powerhouses, gain the insight and expertise of businesses which have been engaged in faith-based tourism for years, and form the connections you need to capture more of this burgeoning $50 - $100 billion market and plan trips that truly inspire.


The journey begins here.


JITOA members can join FTA for a discount of 15% off your first year of membership.  JITOA tour operators, as well as JITOA Associate Members are all eligible to join FTA in the comparable membership category.  For more information membership categories or to join, visit today.  Simply enter the promo code JITOA15 when completing the application form to take advantage of this special membership offer.





Member Services:  Justina Elsidodi  | +1.858.264.6602  |
Executive Director:  Julie Hoover-Ernst  | +1.859.264.6603  |
Marketing & Advertising Sales   |  +1.859.264.6619 |

Member Services:  Justina Elsidodi  | +1.858.264.6602  |

Executive Director:  Julie Hoover-Ernst  | +1.859.264.6603  |

Marketing & Advertising Sales   |  +1.859.264.6619 |


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Did You KNOW

JITOA has more than 60 members including the top producers, as more than 70% of the packaged tours coming to Jordan are coming through our members.

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